High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

HPL or High Pressure Laminate: HPL is about the most durable laminate available. It is made of several sheets of paper that get bonded together using high pressure presses.

Advantages of High Pressure Laminates:

1. Anti-Fungal protection

2. Lightweight, reducing frame loading and installation costs

3. Capable of being shaped and formed without loss of surface integrity

4. High strength and rigidity – outstanding deflection and bending strength

5. Short time for Mounting : as result cuts down construction time

6. Good Sound insulation – reduces unwanted vibrational noise

7. Ease of installation – can be bent, cut, drilled, punched & stamped

8. Resistant to extremes of weather exposure and temperature

9. Excellent UV characteristics retaining colour after long exposure

10. Smooth paint finish and locquering – 3 layer PVdF 70% Kynar – 500

11. Superior flatness – ideal of creating smooth, monolithic surfaces

12. High impact resistance

13. Pollution, acid, alkali, and self-spray resistant finish

14.Very low coefficient of expansion

15. Minimal maintenance

16. Wide range of choice available


  • Wall and Facade Linings
  • Cladding of Exhibition buildings
  • Sporting and Entertainment Complexes
  • Decoration of Commercial Sites
  • Residential Dwellings
  • Silhouette Profiles
  • Rear Ventilated Facades
  • Façade claddings
  • Balcony claddings
  • Entrance Gates
  • For Railings
  • Fences
  • Ceilings
  • Functional constructions

HPL Installation

We specialize in the installation of premium HPL for homes and businesses who want to update their spaces. Our team combines national buying power with personalized, detailed service to understand your needs and to give you a variety of HPL selections, at an exceptional value.

HPL Applications

Facade Cladding
Main Gate Cladding

You need a unique design HPL for your home?

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