Industrial Strip Curtains

Industrial Strip Curtains

PVC Strip curtains are essentially overlapping strips of PVC that act as a wall to shield your work area from all the noise, pollutants, etc. which inhibit your working conditions.

Lately, they have found various uses in many industries as a cost effective solution for increasing the work efficiency and keeping the workplace clean and free from all the noise and pollution.

Whether it’s a single doorway or a huge opening, the PVC strip curtains can be customized and made to suit your need. In fact, they have found limitless applications in hotels, factories and a lot of commercial places. They can be used as windows, vehicle doors and partition walls.

Out of the many uses that you will experience from this product, some of the major benefits of using PVC strip curtains include its cost effectiveness, its flexibility and not to forget that it is energy efficient with its UV and IR filters and absolutely recyclable! Apart from that it is easy to clean and use, as well as cold resistant which also makes it perfect for use in cold storages and similar establishments. Also, they are capable of preserving temperature which makes them ideal for usage in most commercial organizations.

PVC Curtain Installation

We specialize in the installation of premium PVC Curtain for businesses and Commercial Places who want to update their spaces. Our team combines national buying power with personalized, detailed service to understand your needs and to give you a variety of PVC Curtain selections, at an exceptional value.

PVC Curtain Applications

Industrial pvc strip curtain
Industrial PVC Strip Curtain
Transparent PVC Strip Curtain
Transparent PVC Strip Curtain
Freezer Cold PVC Strip Curtain
Amber Anti insect PVC Curtain

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